About Us

Let’s introduce

Solidswiss.cd is a team of Swiss Jewelers that share the same passion. Solidswiss.cd is composed of many small watchmaking workshops based in Geneva. Our passion is manufacturing fine Swiss timepieces that will serve you a lifetime.

Facts are facts and Solidswiss.cd craftsmanship, reliability and precision go hand in hand as extra attention to detail can be afforded due to skilled production methods and specialized watchmaking techniques. For this reason only Solidswiss.cd Rolex Swiss replica watches can proudly stand side by side with any fine Swiss timepiece.

Swiss developed! Swiss made!

Solidswiss.cd employs trained Swiss watchmakers who develop the latest modifications and improvements and replicate the performance and even the appearance of movements found in the genuine Rolex. From research to development the utmost care is always taken to ensure outstanding precision and reliability that you will not find on any other replica.

One view to SolidSwiss.cd detailed watch images or customer testimonials and you can conclude that we lead the way in offering the most up-to-date Swiss made Rolex replicas that are both superior in movement and build quality when compared to our competitors so called grade one watches.

Cheap Swiss made replicas?It’s too good to be true

One can find many articles regarding replica Rolex fake watches, some good, most are misinformed and some bordering on the ridiculous. Seen sites that sell the so called “Swiss replicas” for $200 or $400 you can easily understand that what they really sell is Asian made fake watches since only the cost of a genuine Swiss made movement is $300 for a Swiss ETA 2836-2 and up to $800 for a Valjoux 7750 Swiss chronograph.

Talk to real people

Unlike any other replica site, Solidswiss.cd has call centers in USA and Europe and our friendly staff has the watchmaking knowledge to assist you. Solidswiss.cd after sales support rivals any Swiss watch supplier on the internet.

Due to our “on the spot” presence, choosing Solidswiss.cd over other dealers ensures that you are getting the latest and most perfected highest quality Rolex Swiss replica watches currently on the market. Our setup and network of personal enable us to command the best trade and a unique source to the finest Rolex Swiss replica watches in the business.

Solidswiss.cd staff has the watchmaking knowledge to assist you

SolidSwiss.cd staff is ready to assist you and unlike other replica sites we are always here to talk to you and give you answers. The majority of replica sites are impersonal and when you try to contact them you see that they don’t have any phone numbers because they are in Asia and they don’t even speak English.

Plus when you email them, they answer your emails with a 2 or 3 days delay and they give you typical answers that don’t really answer your questions. At Solidswiss.cd we concentrate on what we do best and that's simply selling superior quality Swiss made Rolex replica watches.

A true Swiss Company

Solidswiss.cd headquarters are based in Geneva Switzerland supervising the production. Having all our production made in Switzerland was a one way road for Solidswiss.cd. This way we can inspect all watch components production and close supervise our assembly lines.

Been in Geneva gives us the advantage to cooperate with experienced Swiss companies in order to create a perfect undetectable Rolex Swiss replica watch. Greater effort is made to capture even the smallest detail which now is virtually impossible to distinguish from their original. If you are looking for a Rolex Swiss replica, direct from Geneva then SolidSwiss.cd is the way.

Made for life

The quality of the manufacturing materials and precisely calibrated movement ensures you a watch that is made for life. SolidSwiss.cd Rolex clone movements obviously don’t come cheap therefore these high quality Rolex clone movement replicas can be more expensive than their counterparts. As with any quality Swiss watch, a Solidswiss.cd replica can last you a lifetime if it is looked after and serviced every five or even ten years.

Solidswiss.cd Rolex Swiss replica watches as so close in precision to the originals that even an expert cannot tell the difference. Solidswiss.cd high quality Rolex Swiss replica watches are made for life so understanding the difference is the key and shopping with us you are 100% assure of superior quality and long term satisfaction. If you are looking for a genuine Swiss made Rolex replica watch then Solidswiss.cd is the answer.