Can you tell a difference?

Even if your watch case back is opened by a jeweler for inspection it will be almost impossible to authenticate it. Rolex Clone movements are hand made in our Geneva workshop by experienced watchmakers.

Even if a jeweler opens a Swiss Rolex replica watch, it will be extremely difficult for him to detect if it’s a genuine or a cloned movement. It would take a Rolex service specialist with a large knowhow and a lot years of experience working on Rolex movements in order to determine the movement authenticity.

1:1 perfect replications

The entire movement is Swiss made and also carries the same look as the genuine Rolex movement. Geneva workshop has a very small production of these fine Swiss Rolex clone movements and they are extremely rare.Only a few people in the world have knowledge of Rolex Clone Swiss movement replica watches and this is your chance to own one of these limited production Swiss timepieces.

Swiss Made Rolex Clone Movements

We have taken 4 different models of our Rolex Clone Swiss movement replicas to 8 different jewelers and none of them detect the Clone movement.

They all concluded after 10 minutes of inspection that they are Genuine Rolex watches! movements are perfect clones of the genuine Rolex movements with Swiss craftsmanship that you can see as you open up the watch. They are 100% identical to the genuine movement and you can install them inside a genuine case, install a genuine dial and hands on them.

Solidswiss1 Sr Genuine Swiss Eta 2836 2 Movement

Genuine Swiss ETA Movements

New 2024 Swiss Replica Rolex models available with unmodified genuine ETA VALJOUX Swiss made movements with $250 discount. Enjoy the world class reliability and service simple of the Swiss ETA movements in the best Swiss Replica Rolex watches by

Born from disassembly

All genuine Rolex movement components are measured and scanned with laser accuracy tools in order to achieve the perfect 1:1 replications. After purchasing the genuine Rolex movements and completely disassemble them we clone each one component using the most advanced methods in order to achieve the perfect 1:1 clone components. Then jewelers carefully assembly the movement using Nanotechnology oils for lubrication and Teflon coated wheels. cloned the perfect movement

To create the new clone Swiss movements we use genuine Rolex movements that are completely disassembled and then all components are cloned 1:1. use cutting edge watch industry technology and genuine Swiss ETA components in order to create the 100% perfect Rolex clone Swiss movement.

0.001mm CNC accuracy

The genuine Rolex movement components are measured and scanned with laser accuracy up to 0.001mm. With advanced CAD/CAM technology, custom modular molds and CNC Laser Machines we replicate all movement components with amazing accuracy. They are practically exactly the same to the genuine component making them perfect clones. All movement components are manufactured according to the Swiss watch industry standards and then our experienced Master watchmakers, carefully assembly the perfect Rolex Clone movement.

A world first in Watchmaking

The combination of the nanotech oil lubrication and the Teflon coated wheels results to a movement with extremely smooth operation and longer service free periods. offers you a Swiss made Rolex clone movement that will last forever with typical service needs every 5 years instead of 2 that the genuine movements require.

A drop of life Rolex clone movements are lubricated with Swiss made nanotechnology oil that doubles the movement’s life. is the first Swiss watch company that uses nanotechnology oils to lubricate its movements. These nanotech oils are developed in Switzerland especially for Watch Company.

Swiss certified

Each Rolex clone Swiss made movement is fine-tuned at the final stage to ensure the time accuracy is within the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres COSC standard of +3/-3 seconds per day.

We perform a 5 position test using the most advanced digital timegraphers. The Rolex clone Swiss made movement then undergoes a comprehensive final inspection to ensure the overall Swiss build quality.

Swiss accuracy Rolex Clone Swiss movements undergo a 5 positions adjust timegrapher test to assure the within COSC certification limits accuracy. Two designed testing machines simulate extreme "G-Forces" on the movement to assure the flawless operation.

A power drop machine simulates a three meter drop onto a wooden floor. A long standing Swiss standard is that the watch case and movement should withstand such a fall.

Same heart - Same sweep

The heart of Rolex Clone Swiss movements beats at 28.800 vibrations per hour, as the genuine does. This results to the same fine Rolex sweep seconds hand motion. Rolex Clone Swiss made movements work at the same 28.800 vibrations per hour as the genuine Rolex movement does. Therefore they have exactly the same Rolex fine sweep seconds hand motion.

Swiss looks with Swiss motion

In the heart of Rolex Clone Swiss movements beats a genuine Swiss ETA Glucydur balance wheel - with ETA Incabloc jeweled shock-absorber and Nivarox hairspring. The Glucydur balance is made of beryllium, copper, and iron (berrylium bronze) which is a very hard metal, 400 Brinell, non-magnetic, non-corrosive.

Our mainsprings are the famous Nivaflex from the Swiss manufacturer Nivarox - FAR SA. A true Swiss made heart that 95% of the Swiss watch manufactures use. The Nivarox hairsprings have been used in Rolex watches for decades too. Lately Rolex has created the Parachrom which is not any better than ETA's Nivarox, just marketing. Rolex Clone Swiss Movements

The Swiss Eta balance wheel, hairspring, mainspring and other ETA parts that we use, assures the amazing stability and accuracy within the COSC certification limits. A true Swiss movement with huge durability that will last for ever.
Learn more Clone movements are lubricated with Swiss Nanotechnology oils that double the movement’s life and enhance their smooth and precise motion. Longer service free periods are now achieved thanks to Nano oil.
Learn more Clone movements are equipped with instantaneous day – date and stop seconds function. 3156 incorporates the day and date complication. Each individually movement is tested during 15 consecutive days and nights.
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True GMT movements with 24-hour hand function. The 2-hour hand moves around the dial once every two hours allowing you to keep a different time zone. 3186 incorporates the date and 24-hour hand complication.
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Teflon coated wheels within the winding mechanism on our Clone movements enhances the winding smoothness. 3187 incorporates the date and GMT 24-hour hand complication which also allows you to distinguish day from night.
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Based on the legendary Swiss Valjoux 7750 our Daytona caliber incorporates only 260 components which are far less than a standard chronograph, making it a masterpiece of simplicity. Daytona features 42 hours power reserve.
Learn more new Rolex Clone movement 3130 is based on the legendary 3135 Caliber. The absent of the date function results to a movement with fewer parts and less power consumption. So without the date you get an amazing power reserve up to 48 hours.
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With a diameter of 20mm and a 5.95mm height the Rolex 2235 Clone Swiss movement is the smallest of the automatic movements range. Despite the small size the 2235 has an amazing power reserve up to 48 hours from a single Nivaflex mainspring.
Learn more Rolex Clone movement 3136 is based on the legendary 3135 Caliber. With an amazing 48 hours power reserve from a single mainspring this caliber has a smooth sweep seconds hand motion.
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Replicated from a genuine Rolex 4130 movement our Rolex 4130 caliber is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering with and amazing 72 hours power reserve! The new 4130 is the ultimate chronograph and it incorporates Swiss precision and accuracy on all production levels and performance aspects.
Learn more Unmodified ETA VALJOUX Swiss Movements


Known for its simplicity and accuracy, the Unmodified ETA 2824-2 movement powers some of the most renowned watches in the industry. We integrate this movement seamlessly into our Rolex replicas, ensuring not only precise timekeeping but also a smooth and efficient performance with the ETA service convenience.

7753 Eta Valjoux

The chronograph enthusiasts will be delighted with the inclusion of the renowned ETA VALJOUX 7753 Unmodified movement. This complex movement delivers a high-performance chronograph function to our Super Clone Rolex Swiss Made replica watches.


For those who appreciate additional features, the ETA 2836-2 movement offers day and date complications. The movement is fitted in our Rolex Day-Date Swiss Replica watches and offers (Rolex) sweep second hand motion with 28800 VPH. Re-lubricated with Swiss made Nano-tech oils for extended longevity.


Travelers and globetrotters will appreciate the GMT functionality of the ETA 2893-2 movement. Integrated into the Rolex Explorer II and GMT Master II Swiss replica models, catering to the needs of those who traverse multiple time zones.