Service watch care with full stock on replacement parts

A 3000 square meters replacement parts warehouse guaranties that your Rolex replica watch will last for ever. is the only Swiss replica watch company that offers this level of after sales support in terms of servicing and replacements parts availability.

Demagnetized and evaluated

After opening the case, experienced watchmaker demagnetizes the watch. A visual and technical examination gives him a first impression of the watch's condition and accuracy. watchmaker lifts the movement out of the case.

Ultrasonic cleaned

The Rolex Swiss replica watch case is dismantled into its individual parts. During this process, the crystal, seals and other components such as push-buttons or rotating bezels are removed. The case, metal bracelet and clasp are ultrasonically cleaned in a special fluid and polished.

Movement care watchmaker removes the dial and the hands from the movement. Then disassembles the movement into its individual parts and identifies the worn or damaged parts in order to repair or replace any faulty movement parts. The rotor, balance, escapement, wheels and gears are removed, ultrasonic cleaned, reassembled and then oiled with Nanotechnology oils.

Tuning and inspecting

After assembling and oiling, the movement functions are checked in accordance with Swiss quality criteria. If necessary the fixing of the dial or replacement of the hands is performed. Then the Swiss movement is placed in the case equipped with the dial and the hands and it’s adjusted to confirm that the precision and the rate are stable.

Closed and Tested

In the assembling of the case we replace the crystal, tube, crown, pushers and helium escape valve if necessary. New, Swiss made, rubber seal gaskets and o rings are fitted and then it’s tested for both waterproofness and time accuracy. A final check is performed by jewelers before returning the watch to the customer.