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The craftsmanship is so high that not even a professional jeweler can tell the difference. That’s because we use Swiss quality craftsmanship (SWISS MADE) and settle for only the most talented watchmakers that are as passionate as we are. The solid ceramic bezel in blue and black is combined with a blue GMT hand and the watch is super comfy in the hand thanks to the smooth and flexible jubilee bracelet.

We even use identical materials, which means your watch is of the same caliber. It boasts a 40mm Solid 904L Stainless Steel monobloc, sapphire crystal, and a solid ceramic bezel. How is it possible? We craft all our pieces in Geneva with Swiss jewelers and have spent countless hours studying and researching watches, so we can give you a top-quality experience and watch.

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Not only do our watches stand up to the test of time with lifetime quality, they’ve even been 100 meters waterproof tested. We go the distance in making sure you’re completely satisfied with our quality time pieces. We’ve even got the precision movement of the Rolex brand.

You’ll have long-term satisfaction, and when properly cared for and serviced every five to ten years, you’re looking at lifetime quality. With a guaranteed two-year warranty and the option to upgrade to a four-year extended warranty, you simply can’t go wrong with a Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ Swiss replica from